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Multi-Purpose Jar


Zinc – The active ingredient in No-BO is natural zinc – a mineral with fungicidal as well as anti-bacterial properties. Zinc has been used for centuries in multi-purpose skin preparations. It’s found in most sun screen applications as well as products used for babies’ diaper rash. That’s how safe this mineral is! If you are in need of a daily supplement of zinc, however, you’ll have to call on other forms of zinc. Our zinc is non-absorbable and made for topical application use only.

Grapeseed Oil – Grapeseed Oil has both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities. It tightens and tones the pores under the arm. It also serves as an antioxidant and has regenerative tissue properties.

Arrowroot powder – Arrowroot is an herb that is ground up to make a natural powder. It serves as an underarm absorbent as well as a natural binder for our product. It also enhances a unique synergistic force that brings both full texture and stabilizing qualities to our product.

Silicea – Silicea is a natural mineral that’s great for skin, hair and nails. However, if you’re looking for your daily supplement of silcea, you won’t find it in No-BO. The silicea in our product is non-absorbable and serves as a natural silicone base to insure a smooth application of our product.

Tea Tree Oil – This essential oil is used for anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. We use only pure essential oil (absolute) and have not altered the effectiveness by substituting with those oil blends that use carrier base oils.

Calendula Oil – This essential oil is used in our product because of anti-inflammatory qualities it exudes. It’s known also for its remarkable healing qualities of both skin burns and rashes. We use only pure Calendula Oil (absolute) and not that which has been infused by other carrier oils.

Manuka Oil – This essential oil originates from New Zealand and is recorded as one of the world’s most effective anti-bacterial and anti-fungal oils. We use only the pure form of this essential oil and do not use those formulas that have been altered.

Rose Geranium – This particular oil is from a different species of the Geranium and we chose it because of the skin conditioning qualities it offers as well as its antiseptic properties. This particular species of Geranium is special in that it possesses a “soft rosy” fragrance.

Vitamin E & Rosemary Extract – Used as antioxidants to naturally preserve our product. We do not use synthetic preservatives. We make our product fresh.


No, our product is compounded with only organic, natural ingredients.


There is very little scent to our product. There is a slight scent when you open the container; but when applied, there is no recognizable scent.


No-BO eliminates the bacterial growth at the point of excretion—by making topical applications to the skin where the bacteria (odor) are harbored. When the bacterial count is lowered by No-BO, the odor goes away.


No-BO does not stop the perspiration, nor does it “mask” the odor. The odor will continue until the bacteria have been eradicated. Because No-BO is different and proceeds after the source (bacteria) first, many people continue using their “masking” (traditional) deodorant to mask the odor until the bacterial count can be lowered. We recommend that NO-BO be precisely applied to the underarm pores first (serve as barrier) and then apply traditional deodorant over the No-BO. After No-BO has accomplished its task, we would suggest that traditional deodorants be banned because it’s our belief that the BO condition progressed to this level by trapping in bacteria that became resistant and difficult to destroy. After the bacteria have been destroyed, making very small applications of No-BO daily thereafter will be sufficient to keep the odor from resurfacing.


Depending on how long one has suffered with this condition and to what extent the bacteria have grown, will determine how quickly one sees positive results. Some have had instant results in one day, some 1 week, some two weeks, some a month and some even two months. The wait is well worth the struggle to be free of this devastating condition. For those people that are just giving up because they have tried every thing and the heavy build up of bacteria just continue to thrive, we share our Key to NO-BO Success: Our product is based on the same theory of those practices established by physician-ordered pharmaceutical products. That is, when your doctor instructs you to use a medication to its full completion without stopping, more positive results will be realized. Our product works on the same theory. We stress the three “P’s” for success--- Positive, Persistence, and Patience. A positive attitude, with a persistent daily regimen, and patience will get you the result you long for. Whether it be 1 day or 1 month - No-BO is up to the task and will perform—you have our full guarantee!


100% Refund if not satisfied with Twist Up Deodorant or Multi-Purpose Jar. Please return un-used portion of product or any unopened containers of product within sixty (60) days of purchase to receive a refund.


100% Refund if not satisfied with First Responder Supplement. Please return un-used portion of bottle or any unopened bottles within thirty (30) days of purchase to receive a refund.

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