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"Sweet Gum Extradionaire" All Natural Tooth Whitener & Brightener

"Sweet Gum Extradionaire"   All Natural Tooth Whitener & Brightener
Our price: $24.99
The Sweet Gum Tree was a vital source from which our ancestors found useful in caring for their teeth and gums. While it's nothing new, The Sweet Gum Extradionaire now introduces --for the very first time-- a revolutionary new concept. Sweet Gum, mixed along with other effective botanicals, produces a very natural and healthy way to whiten and brighten teeth. It's a mouth wash that not only leaves teeth white and bright but also with a refreshing feel of cleanliness. The combined antioxidants of the botanicals used in this product help to destroy bacteria that contribute to cavities and gum disease.

This product is revolutionary in that it's a one-step process to whitening and brightening your teeth. No more awkward handling of whitening strips, no uncomfortable tooth trays, no harsh chemicals, and certainly no more messy products. A simple, no fuss, 15 minute mouth wash while you take your shower.

The Sweet Gum Extradionaire uses 100% pure powders from sweet gum, pomegranate peel, and grape seed. A Non-acid sodium ascorbate is used to further enhance good healthy gums as well. Non-GMO xylitol crystals from USA Birch are added to buffer the slight tartness of the botanicals. Xylitol is a natural alternative sweetener that's used in many oral applications and safe to use on a regular basis.

Simply wet the toothbrush and apply 1/2 teaspoon of the product. Brush teeth for one second. The application will immediately dissolve and produce its own natural mouthwash. Retain the mouthwash in your mouth for 15 minutes. Continue circulating the mouthwash in order to give all the teeth and gums a good coverage. If more stains are found on the front teeth, then insure that all mouthwash remains in that area by forcing the liquid (by inflating jaws with air) to that area and holding it. Product is so safe that if swallowed, the ingredients will be beneficial and healthy for you. May be applied as often as desired to remove stains and to maintain a beautiful whiteness and brightness to the teeth.

Ask for our complimentary three-serving sample of the Sweet Gum Extradionaire and you'll see the difference immediately.


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